The full reconfiguration of a mobile device with just ONE file!

Softvariant is the fastest and most effective way to configure mobile phones to the needs of any business or end-user group, no matter the size or scale.

This application is:

  • Cost effective - SoftVariant is both more effective and less expensive than reconfiguring even modest numbers of individual handsets.
  • Fast - it takes just 30 seconds to configure one handset.
  • Easy – just insert a memory card into your phone or deploy it OTA.

Successful stories from our clients

Mobile branding & customization

NokiaIn the mobile industry, companies battle for market share and customer loyalty by creating the right kind of “buzz” around their brand, as well as through using the mobile medium to generate sales by pre-installed VAS to increase revenue and market penetration. This is why SoftVariant has become a key element of successful mobile branding for our business partners.

Easy configuration of all SofVariant settings

SmartPhonesThe need to bundle pre-installed mobile settings, such as bookmarks, email, profiles, contact lists, access points, etc., is-time consuming and requires a high level of technical competence. By using SoftVariant to comprehensively configure client mobile settings, we have gained a number of high-value/high-profile business partners.

Customizaton & content distribution

VobisThe market for mobile content is expanding rapidly, as consumers seek more original personalization options for their mobile devices. By using SoftVariant to provide extra content—while also initiating event-oriented phone customization—one high-profile client recently marketed its products by winning over the hearts of football fans.